About Black IT Forum.


BITF established in 1997 in the Western Cape followed by the other provinces
Gauteng BITF was establish in 1999
Provincial structures in 2000
Blitec was also formed in 1999
Realmakoi was a database of Black IT professionals in 2001
National BITF was formed in 2002
Black ICT Achievers Award 2001-2002 to
African ICT Achievers 2003
Interim Working Committee Established in 2016.

The mission of the BITF is to propel black people into the mainstream of the ICT industry in South Africa

Empower members with technical and business skills
Make BITF members significant role players within the ICT sector
Improve access to technology by the disadvantaged communities
Actively influence policy making forae
Promote the status of historically disadvantaged individuals and communities in the ICT sector


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